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Parish Council

Parish Council Clerk - Sarah Mitchell, e-mail: mitchellsarahj@hotmail.com


Buckland Newton Community Website:  www.bucklandnewton.com Neighbourhood Planning: Localism Act Department of Communities and Local Goverment
Department of Communities and Local Govermet

Working Group

Working Group e-mail:  Working Group A Working Group and several Focus Groups, comprising of both Parish Councillors and interested Parishioners, have worked on both the Parish and Neighbourhood Plans over the last three years. Many thanks are due to all who have contributed. The participants have often changed over this time, but the current regulars on the Working Group are:   John Baker (PC)              01300 345386        Maree Pollard Janet Burnett Andy Craig Jacqui Cuff (DC)              01935 426624 Lesley Docksey Charles Gorton Lin Townsend (PC) PC - Parish Councillor DC - District Councillor The Working Group is open to all interested Parishioners. If you would like to help, please come to the next meeting send an email to Working Group or contact one of the above
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