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Tennis court / all weather pitch

Several respondents to the 2012 public consultation mentioned they would like to see a community tennis court / all weather pitch for 5- a-side football, hockey, etc. We have identified a site in Buckland Newton where the land owner is willing to sell a plot for this purpose.


It has been suggested we make provision for direction signs in the parish. These would probably have to be on private land adjacent to the highway. a)  Signs directing people to the shop and pub, to help  maintain these as viable businesses / community assets Do you agree with this? b)  Signs directing heavy goods vehicles to Court Farm and Sharnhill Green business parks in order to encourage them not to use village centre narrow lanes Do you agree with this? If you don’t agree, please could you explain why?


Are there any other Community Facilities you feel it is important that should be considered for the Neighbourhood Plan? If there are, please could you explain why they are needed?

Community Facilities

The rectangle is an indication of the overall size needed for a court/pitch including ‘run off’ areas. Would you like to see this site allocation put into the Neighbourhood Plan? If you don’t, please could you explain why?
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