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Anticipated date

Consideration of comments and writing of draft plan 2014 October / November Draft Neighbourhood Plan public consultation late November / early January 2015 Analyse public comments and revise plan 2015 January / February Parish council to approve plan to be submitted early February Submission to West Dorset District Council early February West Dorset District Council consultation February / April West Dorset District Council summary of representations and appointment of Independent Examiner April Independent examination May / June Examiner’s report published July Referendum arranged July Referendum held September Adoption of Neighbourhood Plan (becomes part of Local Plan) October


Thank you to the many parishioners who have helped and contributed to the Neighbourhood Plan to date. Particular thanks are due to Jacqui Cuff, our District Councillor, and Jo Witherden, our Planning Liaison Officer at West Dorset District Council, who has been guiding us through the process.


To help us produce our Neighbourhood Plan, we have received generous funding from: The Community Development Foundation, West Dorset District Council, and Buckland Newton United Charities We also thank the many parishioners and local businesses who have so generously contributed from their own pockets. Buckland Newton Parish Council

What happens next?

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