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Parish and Neighbourhood Planning

What is Neighbourhood Planning?

The Localism Act 2011 introduced statutory Neighbourhood Planning in England. It enables communities to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan for their area and is intended to give communities more of a say in the development of their local area (within certain limits and parameters). These plans will be used to decide the future of the places where you live and work. Once a Plan has been finalised it will have to be checked by an Independent Examiner to make sure it complies with the District Council Local Plan and any National Policies. There will then be a referendum of all the Parish Electors, and if a majority vote in favour of the Plan it will be adopted as part of the Local Plan. See more at:
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Buckland Newton Neighbourhood Plan

At the beginning of 2011, Buckland Newton Parish Council decided to start on the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish. A Working Group was set up of both Parish Councillors and other Parishioners who were interested in taking part in this project.  Meetings were initially held once a month but now we are nearing the end of the process are held when necessary; all Parishioners are welcome to participate. Please contact John Baker on 01300 345386 if you would like to help.  The area for our Neighbourhood Plan was approved in February 2013 and covers the whole of the Civil Parish of Buckland Newton. A Neighbourhood Plan will allow us, as a community, to decide what happens in our own Parish in the future (within certain limits and parameters). These plans will be used to decide the future of the places where you live and work, and can include giving opportunities to: choose where you want new homes, shops and offices to be built have your say on what new buildings should look like grant planning permission for the new buildings you want to see go ahead.

Buckland Newton Parish Plan

After further discussion in October 2011, the Parish Council agreed to additionally prepare a Parish Plan at the same time as the Neighbourhood Plan. These would jointly be called the Buckland Newton Community PlanParish Plans differ from Neighbourhood Plans, in that they deal with topics not covered by the Planning Acts and Regulations. There is no set format, and can cover whatever needs, hopes and issues the Parishioners wish. These can include, for example:     • Speeding traffic • Dog fouling     • Sports facilities • Grass cutting     • Broadband speed • Recycling facilities     • Clearing footpaths • Youth clubs     • Transport to doctor • Allotments  A typical Parish Plan lists the parishioners’ issues that have been identified and include a realistic action plan and timetable to try to resolve them wherever possible.  The Parish Plan for Buckland Newton was completed in Autumn 2013 and approved by the Parish Council.  It can be viewed by clicking the link or on
If you wish to provide feedback on the proposed sites for development which are outlined in the next stage of the process, please now look at the ‘Public Consultation’ page and then review the contents of the ‘Proposed Sites’ and ‘Local Issues’ pages.  Please then record your thoughts on the feedback sheets which are available from any of the public consultation events, or phone John Baker on 345386; it is important that we have your reasons why you think the proposed plots and local facilities and amenities are suitable or not.  Unfortunately we cannot accept feedback direct from this website as we need to ensure that we do get local feedback only.  Thank you for your time.

Neighbourhood Plan Mission Statement

Like other Neighbourhood Plans being drawn up, we have a 'Mission Statement' and 'Strategic Objectives' to help guide the direction and content of our Plan.

Mission Statement

"To maintain Buckland Newton Parish as a thriving rural community, and to ensure its long term future by working towards meeting the needs of those who live and work in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty."

Strategic Objectives

To aim to meet diverse local housing needs taking into account changing demographics and social requirements To keep housing development to a small scale, designed to a high quality which is sustainable and is complementary to neighbouring properties To support existing business, encourage new enterprises and facilities which will enhance commercial effectiveness and employment opportunities To preserve the long term future of the area by retaining and, if possible, enhancing local services and facilities, promoting a safe and healthy community To protect and enhance the natural and built environment of the Parish including its landscape, built heritage, archaeological sites and wildlife habitats.  To reduce vulnerability to the impact of severe weather i.e. flooding, etc
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